[Concept]: Foreign Territory (CR)

[Concept]: Foreign Territory (CR)
Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: Forced Proximity, Fish out of Water, Stranded
Cost: $47

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Foreign Territory  by Jennifer Felton


It had been three long months that I had been looking forward to this day. But I found as I waited in the airport for my plane to board, I was a whirlwind of emotions.

I was nervous. Excited. And full of terror.

What I was about to do was so out of character, but maybe that’s what excited me the most. 

I wasn’t the type of girl who met men online. Several of my friends had serious and lasting relationships with someone they met through dating apps, but I always scoffed at the idea of using one for myself.

And I certainly wasn’t the type to board a plane and fly thousands of miles to a foreign country to meet a man whom I met on a dating app.

At least, not until I found myself in that exact situation.

Stefan had been perfect and charming. And while I had been bummed to find out that he was moving because of his job after a few weeks of talking, I couldn’t bring myself to stop chatting with him. He’d been upfront about being in the country on a work visa but that he didn’t think it would be extended and would have to transfer back home.

Weeks of talking and video chatting turned into months.

And we were officially smitten with each other.

So when Stefan had suggested that I visit for a week and he’d give me the grand tour, I was hesitant but not unwilling. 

Unfortunately, within three days I realized I made a mistake and couldn’t wait for the week to be over.

But I smile and pretend I’m having a great time. The last thing I want is to upset or offend Stefan. Especially when I’m trapped in a strange country with no one to turn to.

Then, all hell breaks loose and the entire country is on lockdown.

I offered to go to a hotel and stay there, even though it would drain what was left of my bank account. It had already been uncomfortable staying with him after the first couple days. Especially since it was apparent to both of us this wasn’t going anywhere. 

It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with Stefan. While we were great on paper, in reality we were just too different. I thought maybe it was a cultural thing. 

But Stefan insists on me staying with him, but I isn’t looking forward to spending who knows how many nights on his couch. But when he offers to take the couch and let me have the bedroom, how can I refuse such a chivalrous offer?


I knew Bridget was uncomfortable and out of her element before the end of the first night. But there had to be a way to put her at ease and salvage this trip for her.

Part of me wondered if it was me or just the culture shock. I couldn’t blame her either way, though. It was a lot and maybe we jumped into this too soon.

More like, we both should have backed off once I found out my work visa wasn’t going to be renewed. But how could I let something like this go? It had been apparent from early on that we were good together. Things were easy and fun.

If only I could get more time with her to prove that things could still be good between us once she was able to take a breather and acclimate. 

The last thing I expected was a lockdown to force us together.

But who was I to look a gift horse in the mouth?

When Bridget suggests getting a hotel and staying there until the airports open back up, I quickly offer to sleep on the couch and let her have the bed. She’s hesitant, and I can’t blame her. But I also hope she doesn’t leave.

If she walks out that door thinking we aren’t compatible, then it’s over and there won’t be a second chance. 

Also, I’m not an asshole about to let a woman spend her entire life savings on a hotel. Plus, I’m not even sure if hotels are open now.

But she takes me up on my offer and as we start navigating our situation of being together 24/7, she seems to relax a little more every day. 

It’s hard to woo someone when you’re barely allowed to leave your house, but I’m finding she’s appreciating the little gestures.

Then one night, while attempting to sleep on the couch, I text her and act like I did before she came here.

I need to show her I’m still the man she met on that dating app.


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