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Bastards of the Gods 4 BOOK SERIES

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Bastards of the Gods 4 BOOK SERIES


Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: Alpha-Hero, Gods, Mythology

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Book 1: Pollux
Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Wager
☆ Pollux (Lux) ☆
Being a demigod didn’t mean anything. Especially, when your father was the randiest old goat on Olympus. I had been systematically ignored for all of my long life, and that suited me fine. Until her. She walked into my office as if she owned the place and announced she was instituting a hostile takeover.
It takes a lot to stun me, and that did it. She was physically a knockout as well. After that declaration of war, the real fun began. For every action I took, she had a counter. And for every attack she made, I had a counter. The last time I had a fight like this was when the Persians invaded Sparta.
I had been reduced to using my demi-god abilities to spy on her just to gain some sort of advantage. I was surprised again. I never expected to find my greatest opponent suddenly floating next to me outside of a building just as a thunderstorm was brewing, but there she was.
We stared at each other for a solid minute, and then the argument started. I didn’t know who spoke first, but I did remember that we were mostly just yelling insults and gradually drifting closer. Finally, there was a tremendous crack of thunder as the downpour started. It was as if all of the sexual tension we had been feeling for the past two weeks all burst at once.
First she would slam me up against the side of the building, and then I would return the favor. Somehow during this, we hashed out a deal. I could have her whenever I wanted but each time I would have to take her; she was never going to give it up.
We were both demigods; we didn’t have to hold back like we would with mere mortals. She made a mistake with that deal. She was a daughter of the north wind. I was a son of Zeus. This was not a conflict she would win.
☆ Chione ☆
I would never let them win. My father had carried off my mother. With my long life as a demigod offspring of the god of the north wind, I had seen the cruelty of man to woman. I had trusted only for my trust to be betrayed at every point.
I found that I could make a life over the years by finding the biggest upstart and using their egos against them. Then there was this guy. Everyone called him “Mr. Lux.” I made an assumption that this “Mr. Luxury” would be a good target. He seemed to fit. What little I could find on him pointed to a degenerate playboy.
That was my first mistake. When I charged into his office, I could tell that I had surprised him, but unlike my usual victims, he didn’t stay surprised. He didn’t bluster or try to throw his weight around. He just calmly dealt with my first attack. That’s the way it kept going.
He would counter, and I would attack. I grew to relish every time I got a crack in his calm facade to show. He certainly put cracks in my armor. I’d never had a man get to me before. He wasn’t the pompous ass I expected, and it threw me off my game.
That wasn’t the most shocking thing though. When I sensed something outside my office that stormy night, I drew on my inherited abilities to go out to investigate. There he was, floating as if he didn’t have a care in the world. I saw red, and before I knew it, all of our calm facades were broken and we were screaming at each other.
Then, all of the tension burst as I slammed him against the wall and ground against his body. It was half a fight and half foreplay. Somehow, I retained enough of my will to challenge him to a contest. Whoever won in the bedroom won outside of it.
We demigods loved a challenge. He might have been a son of some god, but he didn’t know that you couldn’t catch a daughter of the north wind. Not unless she wanted to be caught. It was the desire for him to catch me that shook me to the core the most.
Book 2: Asclepius
Tropes: Medical Play, Friends to Lovers, Grumpy/sunshine
☆ Asclepius ☆
I lost more patients to stupidity than anything else in all of the ages. I was literally a god of healing, and I had always acted as such. I was driven to restore and heal whatever I could. Life was hard enough, and the gods, including my father, were cruel enough. Disease and injury were my enemies.
The only rule that I had followed was that I would never again raise the dead. No one had tempted me to break that rule. But then, there was her. She was another doctor, and where my years had added a layer of bitterness, she was a ray of light. She had the spark that could only come from a true healer.
Little did I know what that spark hid.
My uncle ran a club called The Under, and it catered to all of the vices of humanity. I had gone there, feeling lower than I had in eons. There she was dancing in one of the cages. The one ray of light in my world was in one of the darkest places I knew.
I had to find out what was going on. I paid my uncle for three hours with her in one of the private dungeons. I wanted to know why she was debasing herself. And that’s when I found out she was in debt to my uncle. She had paid for medical school by working at the club as a dancer.
But more than that, she was dying.
It wasn’t on her yet, but it would be. She wanted to live as much as possible in the time she had remaining. She would help as many people as she could, and at night, she would indulge in as much as she could. I couldn’t let her just leap into her doom.
I convinced her that if she was going to go on this journey of exploring her darker desires, it would be better with another doctor on hand. Now, it is up to me not only to meet her expectation to take her to places she has never been and do things she’s never imagined.
On top of that, I also have to save her. I knew what I had been working towards now in all my long years; it was her. Capturing her soul and healing her body are what would make it all worth it.
☆ Linnea ☆
I knew I wanted to be a doctor from when I was a kid. It was a dream I strove for, not letting anything get in my way. But underneath that, I knew that there were darker desires that drew me like a moth to a flame.
It slithered into my soul from the moment I sold my body in exchange for payment for medical school. When I first discovered the club, it was in a time of crisis, but as soon as I was free from my debt, I dove into my work as a physician.
Then the diagnosis came.
I had at best a few years before I would start to lose everything. Being confronted with death made my other concerns about my deep, secret desires seem trivial. I went back to The Under of my own free will, but I didn’t expect to ever see him there. Dr. Ascel was the greatest healer I had ever met, and underneath his prickly exterior, I could tell he cared for all of his patients.
I did not expect him to be here at the club. I did not expect him to see me. And I certainly didn’t expect him to buy three hours with me in the dungeons. He pushed me up against the wall when I walked into our private room, and within moments, I had told him everything.
I expected him to try to talk me out of my plan, but he shocked me. He made a deal with me that if I let him try to treat me, he would guide and protect me and help me explore all of my darkest desires.
I took his deal, but now I’m having to fight a battle I didn’t expect. I am fighting the tiny ray of hope for the future that he has placed in me, and I am fighting to not become more emotionally tied to this mysterious man who holds my life in the balance.
Book 3: Autolycus
Tropes: Kidnap, Trap, Predator/Prey
☆ Autolycus ☆
Money, Jewels, Art, Influence, Fame, and Power. I had been a thief of all of these things. They were trash. No matter what, they faded and blew off in the wind. I didn’t know what I was really looking to steal, but I kept at it.
I had been a demigod thief for so long that I didn’t know how to be anything else. There was nothing to shake up the status quo until I found my last target – a literal princess. One of the last real princesses in this modern world.
I had been hired to steal her and deliver her to some revolutionaries that wanted to stir up trouble in her country. Everything went off without a hitch. Except, for some reason, when I turned around after thinking I had made a getaway, she was gone. I had seen some strange things in my time, but she didn’t seem like someone who could have disappeared from under my nose.
So after fruitless searching, I discovered her back at the palace with no one even noticing that she had been gone. I bided my time and stole her again. I made it farther before she vanished this time, but again, she was back at the palace.
Who was this woman?
I realized on the third attempt that she was more aware of me now, and things became more difficult. It became almost a game. Her trying to thwart me and then escaping and myself stealing her again and again.
I knew something had to shift. I had to get the upper hand. Tonight was going to be my major attempt to steal this beautiful, intelligent, and frustrating woman, even if I had to give in and thoroughly ravish her to the point where she couldn’t even think.
There was no way I could give her to my clients after this; I was too thoroughly addicted to stealing her and claiming her as mine.
☆ Felina ☆
Being a princess of the Hiney nation without resources wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. But I had a resource that no one else in my position couldn’t even guess at. One of my ancestors just happened to be a goddess. I’m not sure which one, but on my 18th birthday, I received a blessing from her.
She never let me see her face, but she told me that whenever I needed to, I would be able to change shape and shift into an animal that I chose. Over time I used this gift for my country mostly by spying on people that needed to be spied on.
But then one day, I finally got the chance to use my gift for myself. I’m not sure how someone kidnapped me right out of my own bedroom, but I knew I had to escape. I didn’t care who it was at this point. I was mostly curious about how they managed it. I didn’t even notice I was gone until I woke up in the back of the car.
I made my way back to the castle and hoped it was all behind me, but then, it happened again. I decided to observe the thief a little more closely. He was handsome in a roguish sort of way that made me tingle in places it shouldn’t have.
I escaped again, but he was persistent. On top of that, we were both so good at what we did – him kidnapping and me escaping – that we were the only people who were actually aware of what was going on at the palace night after night.
I was enjoying this far too much. The thrill of being captured and being helpless for at least a little while was completely unexpected. I started relishing the moments when I felt myself being carried off in those deceptively strong arms of his.
I felt as if tonight might be different. I’m sure he was going to make another attempt, but I wanted this to be a different situation. Now I’m going to lay a trap for him. I couldn’t wait to see how he handled me being completely aware, completely ready, and completely naked.
Book 4: Tityos
Tropes: Sports Romance, Predator/Prey, Forced Proximity, Stranded
☆ Tityos ☆
For years my heritage as a demigod was more of a curse and less of a blessing. In the world, standing head and shoulders above everyone else marked me it’s different. It made me a target. My only value was being a soldier for whoever could hire me. I couldn’t have the things that others did. There was no chance of a family with me.
To make matters worse, the longer the world went on, the less honor there was in battle. There was nothing left for me. But then, things changed. I was discovered by a mortal and drawn into a world of what he called professional sports. My size, which marked me as a thing to be derided, made me valuable. My world opened up to me, and now, I was respected.
I didn’t have everything I wanted, but I was no longer an outcast. That’s when I met her and realized just how empty my world was. She was everything that I could ever have desired. Tall and a warrior in her own right, a fighter in one of these combat sports. She was also the proudest and most arrogant woman I’ve ever met.
I needed to have a chance with her, but would need to take her down a peg first. I didn’t want to destroy her warrior spirit, but I needed her to submit to me. My chance came when some cold-blooded bastard blew up the cruise ship we were both on. We ended up on some uncharted island in the middle of nowhere.
Though I knew I would be okay since I was a demigod, for the first time in her life, she would have to rely on somebody else to survive. I didn’t know how long it would take them to find us, but I would seize this chance to conquer my warrior woman with both hands.
☆ Gymnasia ☆
I didn’t need any man. I had made my way by my fists and my wits, and no one would change that. Besides, the only ones who could even look me in the eye were a bunch of dumb jocks.
Then I met him. He was different. They called him the titan. He was certainly big enough for that title. I was shocked when I spoke with him, and found out he was smart as well. I couldn’t let him see that he got to me, though. It would diminish my reputation as a cold-blooded fighter. And it would for sure be a distraction I didn’t need.
I couldn’t let him see that I had any interest. I wasn’t going to let any man have that kind of power over me ever again. We were doing fine with just acknowledging each other and moving on. But that didn’t last long.
Some rat bastard blew up the boat we were on, leaving us helpless in the water. I thought for sure I was going to die, but by some miracle, I didn’t. I ended up stuck on a deserted island with the one man that has ever made me feel weak at the knees
I didn’t know how I was going to get through being stranded with him, but I’d never been one to stray from a fight, even if I was going to be fighting my own heart and body.

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