Can You Feel My Heart

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Can You Feel My Heart


Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: LGBTQIA+, Cowgirl, Small Town

Concept Description

Can You Feel My Heart by Anna Gorman
☆ Gwen ☆
I never felt happy in all of the relationships I’ve been in. I’ve dated jocks, nerds, cowboys, and preps. No one made me happy, and I put all my focus on my horses, hoping I’d meet the right person when I least expected it. Even though I’d travel all over, never have I been as happy as I am when I’m with the horses.
Until I met Madison.
That instant craving feeling that I was always told I would have when I found the right guy happened when I found Madison…the right woman. I was raised to date men and only be in a relationship with a man…but none of them made me feel like Madison did when I was around her.
She came to work on my family ranch, tending to the horses. Our horse business was growing and I needed more help. My father hired her, and I hadn’t met her until she started working. When I shook her hand, there were tingles up my arms, but I pushed it off as being excited to have another chick to work with.
We started talking more and more, and she told me that she was bi-sexual. I didn’t even know what that meant. I mean I did, but I hadn’t met anyone that was. She joked and said it was the best of both worlds. When she asked me about myself, I told her I didn’t know. I’ve never been in a relationship that I was happy in.
Months went by and Madi and I got closer. We were joking around and she kissed me. The feelings I felt were intoxicating… I pulled her in for another kiss. Whatever that was, I liked it. I wanted more of it. I wanted to explore it.
Madi asked me out on a date. It was amazing. We went back to her house after…I was so nervous. She was so patient and gentle with me…and I never felt that before.
I didn’t think I could grow any closer, but over the years, our relationship was amazing… even though I had to work through the bigotry of my family and friends that I was happy with a woman…
The day I asked her to marry me, was the same day I placed her hand on my chest and asked her if she could feel my heart beating wildly… She did that to me.
She said…
☆ Madison ☆
Being an outsider in a world dominated by men can be hard on the ego sometimes. When I landed a job at a horse farm, I thought I had hit gold. I love horses and everything that comes along with showing and breeding them. They are a passion of mine.
I didn’t expect to have a major crush on my boss’s daughter, Gwen. My heart broke when I found out she was straight. I thought I felt something between us, but maybe I was wishing too much. We quickly bonded over work and became friends inside and outside at work.
Over the next few months at work and outside of work, I felt things were changing between us, so I took my opportunity and kissed her. I’d never been so bold in my life. It just felt right at that time, and I must have read the signs right because she kissed me back. I asked her out on a date, and it was the most amazing night of my life.
We went out to eat and went back to my house. Having Gwen at my house felt right and felt free to learn more about each other without worrying about someone over hearing us. She was the one for me.
However, once her family found out that I “turned their daughter gay”, I almost lost my job. Gwen stood up for me and made sure they knew I didn’t do anything to her except love her and made her happy. That should be more important than if she was with a male or female. It took a while, but they finally came around. It helped that a few of the farm’s long-time clients came out in support of us, and the community supported us.
Time flew by, in the years that had passed, we had been through a lot together. I never expected Gwen to propose…I thought I would have to be the one that did, but when she placed my hand over her heart and asked if I felt it… I knew it was our moment…

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