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Scottish Royal Book TRILOGY


The President’s Daughter

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Finding Myself Trilogy

Just For You

Finding Myself Trilogy


Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: Opposites Attract, Fling, Player, Bad Boy, Hidden Identity

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☆ characters ☆
Celia McKinnley
I thought by now, I’d be happily married to a lawyer with a house that had the notorious white picket fence, but I realized after Jamie’s first year of pre-law school, I wasn’t the only woman he was keeping company.
We were high school sweethearts, and we talked about our futures. I had the option to graduate from high school with an associates in business and I did, so I could work and he could focus on school. I moved up in my company quickly, but with the lack of a bachelor’s I was stuck. I talked to Jamie about going back to school and he asked me to wait until he was a lawyer and I could do whatever I wanted. So I did.
I started saving what I could because I thought it would be nice to go on a vacation after he graduated from college, but we never got there. I came home one day early and found him in bed with someone that was supposed to be a study partner. I kick them both out, not caring what happened to Jamie or the tart he was having sex with in our bed.
The first thing I did was order a new mattress and the second thing was I enrolled in an accelerated bachelor’s program. In less than a year, I would have a bachelors and I would have the promotions I’ve been working so hard on.
Time flew by and graduated college with amazing grades, while working a full-time job and nursing a broken heart. It’s been a year and I still haven’t gotten over Jamie. I decided to take the money that I was saving up for a vacation with him, and take a month off work and go backpacking through Europe.
I didn’t realize how one sided my relationship with Jamie. I need self-care and have vowed to spend this trip on my own. My travel agent helped me plan an amazing trip and I’ll be spending a lot of time in Italy. I’ve always wanted to go there and I want to hike in the Italian Alps.
When I land in Italy, I feel like I’m in heaven. My first hike is the Italian Alps, and I check in with the guide, and he tells me everything that I’ll need for the hike the following day. I go back to my hotel and prepare for my first adventure.
We meet up the following morning and most of us are ready for anything that will come our way, but one man stands out. He’s sexy and has me thinking twice about swearing off men during my vacation . . . There’s something about him that just didn’t fit with the wilderness.
The guide drives us on a bus to the foot of the mountain, where we begin our hike. Mr. Sexy walks beside me and after a few minutes introduces himself, Silvio La Paglia. Thank God I took Italian in high school or I’d be lost here.
We strike up a conversation and it makes the hike enjoyable. He takes my picture so I have them for memories and we even take some together. At the end of the day, we make it back to the bus and drive into town.
I start to head to my hotel and he stops me, and asks if I want to go to dinner…. I do.


☆ characters ☆

Celia McKinnley
Silvio La Paglia
I swear I didn’t plan on meeting Silvio and having him join me on the Italian leg of my trip, but here I am, and here he was with me. He was easy to talk to and very mysterious. I knew he was hiding something, but I didn’t know what it was and I really didn’t care to know because after next week, I would never see him again.
Silvio and I explored Florence, because I’m a huge Dante fan and love all of his work, and had read it a lot over the past year, helping me nurse my broken heart. But since I’ve been here, I haven’t thought of Jamie much. He wouldn’t have let me enjoy any of this, because it would have been all about what he wanted. I’m so glad that I did this for myself.
We went to vineyards and drank some amazing wine, then went to clubs and danced the night away. There were some serious vibes between us and I wouldn’t have an issue with him being in my bed, but he was always a gentleman and left me each night with a kiss. I began to realize that Silvio liked the secluded places where there weren’t a lot of people but enough to have fun, and I began to wonder if he was planning on kidnapping me.
Holy shit.
I mean if he was then why would he allow me to photograph him? Maybe I was overreacting, but it’s a possibility. So my bold ass asks him if he was planning on trafficking me or something and he laughs, then he got serious and told me no. He wasn’t into that kind of thing because it would be bad for his reputation . . .
So, I asked him what reputation. He looked at me, then asked me if I honestly didn’t know. Know what?
He said he was the president’s son. I started laughing and he didn’t laugh. He was serious. Then he told me he was trying to hide from the paparazzi because people won’t leave him alone. Silvio told me that the woman he was engaged to was jealous of him and the work he was doing in the community and some bad press was printed about him . . . Society didn’t like him right now . . .
But I did.
I fell hard and I wasn’t even walking . . . I was running head first into my next heartbreak.


☆ characters ☆
Celia McKinnley
Silvio La Paglia
Silivo booked trains with me and accompanied me on the rest of my Italy journey and it was nice to have someone with me who knew the ins and outs of Italy. I was having such a great time with him, I asked him to come on the rest of my trip with me. He hesitated at first but then decided that he would come with me. Of course security shit had to be worked out, but I would let him handle it.
We arrived in France and spent a few days enjoying food, art, and each other. Silivo was amazing in every way and I can’t see why his ex would treat him the way she did, but her loss.
The last leg of the trip was to England and there was so much history there. He asked me to be careful where we went because he would be recognized as his ex was from England. The first night, we stayed in and ordered food and watched movies, but the next day I wanted to get out and explore.
We dined at an expensive restaurant and that was our first mistake. Word got out that Silvio was in the restaurant with some unknown woman. Word hadn’t gotten out that he had ended his relationship with his ex, so he was made to look like he was cheating on her.
The news went worldwide because my parents called me, reporters were looking for me at their place. What was supposed to be a relaxing vacation to find myself completely backfired. And it sucked because what the press was printing about Silvio and even me wasn’t even close to being true.
The last two days of my vacation, I stayed locked up in my hotel room, after Silvio left, promising to fix everything. I hoped that he would be back before I had to fly home, but he wasn’t, which was probably for the better.
When I arrived home my voicemail was full of reporters wanting a statement from me, and I deleted them all. I had my fifteen minutes of fame and I didn’t want anymore. THe night before I had to be back at work, I had dinner with my parents, telling them about my trip and Silvio.
My phone dinged with a new message and it was from a forgein number. I hesitated opening it, but I did. It was a video of Siivio talking to the media about what his ex did and clearing my name of any wrongdoing . . .
I thought that was the end, but was this really the beginning?

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