Flower Petals

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Flower Petals


Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: Friends to Lovers, Blind Date

Concept Description


☆ Lillian ☆
All my life, I wanted to grow up to be somebody famous. It was in my blood. My parents were both performers, though, granted, it was mostly at renfaires. I knew I wanted my name in lights, with everyone coming to see me.
I worked the circuit with my family during the summers, and every year, Eric was there with his family. He always dragged me away from what I was supposed to be doing and urged me to play with him amongst the flowers.
They were close to the point of dying, but still very beautiful. We’d pluck the buds and throw them at each other, making it rain flower petals. We lost all track of time, only coming back when the announcers made their final call.
Our parents never seemed to mind. They always admonished us, but it was with smiles and laughter. Eric was my entire world. Every summer, I waited just to see him, and still, no matter how old we were, we still threw flowers at each other.
When Eric’s parents died in a horrible car crash, it gutted all of us. We went to the funeral, and that was the last time I saw him. Years of friendship disappearing in the course of a night. We stayed in touch as best as we could, but our communication eventually dwindled to nothing.
I never forgot about him. As I got older and took to the stage, I would pretend he was out there watching me, smiling as I did my performance. Even though I made plenty of new friends, there was still that hole in my heart that cried out for Eric.
My friends didn’t understand why I wouldn’t just date, but how could I explain the childhood playmate that no longer existed. To humor them and get them off my back, I agreed to go on one blind date. If it didn’t work out, they couldn’t pester me.
I sat there, staring at my food, not sure if I wanted this guy to actually show up or not. But then, just as I was giving up all hope as to his arrival, flower petals started to drop from above. It was him.
After years of wondering and waiting, the boy from the renfairs was now a man, and a sexy one at that. We talked as if time never stopped between us, and that night, when he took me to bed, I knew I found what my heart was waiting for.
☆ Eric ☆
I was devastated when my parents died, but that seemed to pale in comparison to the idea of leaving my entire world behind. My aunt was a lovely lady, but she lived on the complete opposite side of the country. There was no way I could ever see Lillian again.
No one ever really listens to kids, so they really understand how much this hurt me. Deep down, I knew she was my own and only. Even when the distance made talking hard to do, I thought about her, dreamt about her.
When the ties were finally severed, I felt the loss as if someone ripped my heart out, but I couldn’t blame her for any of it. Our lives got hectic the older we got. Throughout college, I dated, but no one ever seemed to compare to Lilliana.
I looked for her name in the papers, waiting for the day when I’d see it in lights. Eventually, news finally trickled down to me, and I knew where she was. Requesting a transfer was the easy part, trying to get a date with her was the hard part.
For some reason, I felt like I couldn’t just waltz into her life unannounced. And so, I got close to her friends, using them to help set us up on a date. They were beyond giddy and ready to help. That night, I went to the local florist and got the closest flower I could find to the one we threw at each other back then.
The look on her face was priceless and well worth it. When she came back to the hotel with me, she definitely expected sex, but what she isn’t expecting is the ring I have hidden in my coat pocket.
From the moment I realized she was still single, I knew I had to make her mine.

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