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His Broken Prize DUET

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His Broken Prize DUET


Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: Woman in peril, Step-Parent, Forbidden love

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☆ Anika ☆
Emil Vogel is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Sadistic, cut-throat, not to mention psychotic- and I’m his wife.
On the outside, it seems as if my life is golden, but every day I wake up not knowing if I’ll be alive to see the stars that night. My marriage to Emil is a farce, we don’t make love, he beats me and every day I become no more than just another one of his trinkets. Everyone in his circle knows not to pay me any mind, and for the most part that’s how I’ve lived my life – invisible, no more than a ghost.
Emil is set to take over the entire underground crime ring in the city, and he decides to bring his son in to take a bigger part in his crime empire. Bastian Vogel is just as ruthless as his father the difference is those intense icy blue eyes stare through me as if he’s trying to brand his mark on my soul.
Bastian’s not used to being told no. It doesn’t matter that I’m his stepmother, he’s infatuated with me. I know it’s wrong on so many levels, but each forbidden touch lights every one of my nerve endings on fire.
☆ Bastian ☆
I’ve spent all of my life living in my father’s shadow. I even went to the other side of the country to get away from him but it’s hard to shake that type of clout.
I’m not surprised when my father calls me after being absent for more than three years. He only reaches out when he needs something and this time he needs someone to help him run his empire.
My father’s always had a knack for collecting nice things. Just a way to trick the world into believing he’s not the piece of trash he truly is. This time one treasure stands out more than the rest.
My new stepmother, Anika.
She’s five years my senior and used to being ignored. I can’t ignore her. I want to do things to sweet little Ani that she nor I will ever forget. She’s off-limits in every way and that just makes me want her more. My obsession with my stepmother could get both of us killed, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

His Prize to Take – His Broken Prize, Book 2
☆ Anika ☆
My husband is the biggest crime lord around. Everyone cowers when he walks into the room, they bend to every one of his whims and I’m cheating on him – with his son.
In the day, Bastian helps his father keep his empire intact, but at night he takes my body in ways I could have never dreamed. Ecstasy and passion flow through me every moment that we’re together. He’s my stepson but we share a bond that no one can understand. I can barely understand it.
I was content to live my double life, playing the trophy wife for his father while Bastian played enticing games with my body. But we were too reckless, too blinded by our own lust and growing emotion that we didn’t notice Emil getting suspicious.
Emil isn’t the type of man who will share his prize not even with his son.
All I can do now is try to break things off with Bastian and pray that his father will show me enough mercy not to kill us both. Bastian’s crazed by the thought of losing me but I never expected him to do the unthinkable.
The night Bastian comes into my room with his father’s blood on his hands I know that I know that I’ve traded one ruthless monster for another. Except Bastian has already had a taste of me and I’m so addicted to him I can’t tell him no.
I don’t tell him no when he tells me I’m going to have his child.
I don’t tell him no when he tells me I’m going to be his wife.
I don’t tell him no when he says he’s going to take over his father’s entire empire.
Bastian and I being together may be against the rules but together we intend to break them all.
☆ Bastian ☆
It doesn’t take long for me to make a name for myself as I help Emil run his empire. Coming out here to help him was not what I wanted to do but it’s given me more ambitions than I knew I had. Now I don’t just want to get out of his shadow, I want to erase his memory.
My father doesn’t deserve to run the city. He doesn’t deserve the respect and fear he gets from the public. He doesn’t deserve Anika and I intend to take everything he has as my own.
Anika fights against what we are for so long. She worries that people will judge us because we’re family. She worries that my father’s enemies will use our relationship as a way to destroy my reputation. She thinks we should keep our need for each other hidden but it’s no longer something I can do. Her body calls to me in ways I can’t resist. Her being my stepmother means nothing to me. She’s sexy, a survivor and most importantly, she’s mine.
Nothing anyone can do will shake the bond that Anika and I have. She should be on my arm, not my father’s. When he figures out that it’s me she’s sleeping with I don’t even care about the blow to his pride until I see what he does to her in the name of punishment.
My father’s going to die and at my hand and I’m going to take his most prized possession as my own.

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