Love in Toyland

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Love in Toyland


Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: Friends to Lovers, Small Town, Forced Proximity

Concept Description


☆ character ☆
Mia Moore
When my father died three years ago, I quit my job as an executive assistant for the CEO of a multimillion dollar investment company to come home and run my family’s toy store. It’s been in our family for fifty years. My grandparents were so proud when they opened it. My father took over for them when they tragically died in an automobile accident.
Business was steady up until a year ago, and it’s now on the verge of closing down due to competition from big box stores and e-commerce. This Christmas would make or break the business, so I was willing to try anything this season to keep things afloat.
One day, a man came in looking for a puzzle for his niece, but he looked really familiar. He introduced himself as the owner of the candy shop down the street, Riley Haward. We began talking and the conversation just flowed.
Then he proposed a partnership, and I jumped at the opportunity. I knew he had been wildly successful over the last few years, and now he was willing to let me in on a few of his business secrets while promoting your toy store to his customers.
Everything was going wonderfully and I was on track to stay open for at least another year if now longer. I was at the candy store, updating a display and I caught him glancing at me for a little longer than expected.
I began to feel there was more to this partnership than just business.
Did he take advantage of my situation or was he feeling what I felt happening between the both of us?
Riley Hayward
When Sebastian Moore died a few years ago, I was afraid that the toy store would close forever. The rumors started that his daughter was coming to take things over and I was so happy. Sebastian and I had coffee daily, as my store opened before the toy store. He would talk about Mia and how proud he was of her.
It’s been three years, and I haven’t made it down there to formally introduce myself. Time has passed me by. I heard the store was struggling and so I came up with an idea to help both our business and a way to get to know Mia.
My niece loved puzzles and I knew the toy store had a lot of puzzles. It was time to put my plan in motion. I went to the store and I was taken back by her personality and looks. Sebastian understated how amazing his daughter was and it was like I was under her spell when I introduced myself.
Then I offered her to set up a display in my shop and to work together on events around town, so she could get the marketing that she needed to promote the store. She jumped at the chance.
Since we began working together, both of our sales have increased. I feel bad that I used to store to get close to her, but I did, and I felt like I had to come clean. It’s going to be hard because I fell for her . . . and I could have ruined a good thing before it started.

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