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Lover’s Ranch

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Lover’s Ranch


Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: Western, Fling, Neighbor

Concept Description

Lover’s Ranch by Elizabeth Knox


☆ Sadie ☆
Moving half-way across the country was something I needed to do for me. Think of it as an ‘eat, pray, love’ moment, but I soon figured out I wanted a lot more love than anything else. I’d just quit my job in corporate America as a contract litigation lawyer, and I needed time to rediscover the woman I was at 37. So, I found myself in a town that I barely knew and there happened to be a ranch with a cottage open. The rent was month-to-month, plus there were amenities, so it seemed perfect.
Then I saw Luke, the owner of the ranch, and it was perfect. He was a tall slice of seductiveness and I knew at some point in the next month I’d take a bite out of him. He wasn’t married, didn’t have kids, and worked on the farm all day long. There were cattle, horses, and even some goats.
Part of being on the ranch was being shown how to ride a horse, picking apples at the orchard on the other side of the property, camping, and more. Let’s just say the horse wasn’t the only thing I was riding.
Sex with Luke was phenomenal, and he rocked my world. In fact, he obliterated it. Then it came time for me to leave, while my head was telling me to leave . . . my heart was demanding I stay.

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