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Mafia Mistress

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Mafia Mistress


Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: Mafia, Accidental Pregnancy

Concept Description

Mafia Mistress by Anna Gorman

☆ character ☆
Zarah Angelino
My mother wanted me to be a lady when I was growing up, but my father wanted me to be an assassin when I grew up. So, I became both. Using the assets my parents gave me, I was able to get close to unsuspecting targets and collect what they owed the family.
I was fine with the role I had within the family, and I became accustomed to being the one to collect payments from those who didn’t owe as much as the big spenders. I knew how this business worked and understood that I would have to work my way up the chain just like my father did when my grandfather was the head of the family.
One night while waiting in a cafe near my target. I was getting ready to make my move when a guy sat down and started talking to me. I didn’t want to seem too rude, so I talked to him as much as I could without losing focus on the target. In the process of the conversation, he, Ian, got my phone number from me and set up a date for the next day. I did whatever it took to get Ian to leave my table.
He finally left, and my target was still schmoozing with the girl 20 years younger than him. I understood why he didn’t have the money to pay the family back. He was too busy being her sugar daddy. They left and a few moments later, I made my move.
They were walking down the alley to the parking garage, and it gave me cover to do what I needed to do. I met up with them and they both know the Angelino family meant business. I have his and her finger on ice. They can have them back when they pay up… if not, the hogs on the farm will enjoy the treat.
Ian called me the following day to make sure that we were still on and lucky for him I didn’t have any work to do. We set plans and met up later on in the night. After 30 minutes with him, I fell in love with him.
I wasn’t allowed to fall in love. That wasn’t part of the plan…
Weeks and months went by and Ian and I got serious quickly. My job took a backseat to love and my father didn’t appreciate my lack of work ethic. Push came to shove.
In order to move up and take my place as the head of the family when my father was ready to retire, I had to prove my loyalty to my family… I had to kill Ian.
How could I kill the father of my unborn child and live with myself… How could I turn my back on my family and live to see another day.
Being used by the family when they needed me made me a mistress instead of an heir. I had to decide which was more important to me. My parents or my new family…

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