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Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: Forced Proximity, Billionaire, Bad Boy, Opposites Attract, Scars/Tortured, Holiday,

Concept Description

Mistle’hoe’ by Elizabeth Knox
☆ Ella ☆
My step-brother thinks he’s hysterical. Our parents got married when I was twenty-four and Jack was twenty-seven. Immediately, we didn’t get along. We were complete enemies and we knew it. Jack was adopted by Jason when he was ten years old from the inner city, and before I even met Jack, Jason had told me to be prepared, how Jack tends to act like an arrogant asshole. I figured I could handle it and didn’t think much of it. Long story short, it was the worst dinner I’ve had in my life. Not only was he cocky, but he was arrogant too. Now I’m twenty eight and I know I’m going to be stuck with Jack for the rest of my life.
Two years ago at Christmas I got plastered off eggnog and slept with Jack, and by slept, I mean I had nasty sex with him. It was horrible, and ever since he’s called me his Mistle’hoe’. It added more fuel to the fire and made things worse.
Now the holidays are rolling around and I’ve convinced my best friend’s brother, Rogan, to come back home with me for the holidays. He’s massively successful, handsome, and is an overall decent human being. He’s even a single dad to a four year old little girl. My best friend, Rachel, and I take his daughter, Penelope, out to the mall once every week for our ‘girl’ dates. It’s super fun and I love spending time with her. I was so surprised he even agreed to this, but he said I do a lot for Penelope and he’s happy to return the favor.
Now here’s the kicker about Rogan, he owns a security firm and has a great investor, so he’s packed with cash too. He’s always dodging gold digging women and complains about it, so he asks me if I can lie for him too. I didn’t know what it would be about so I asked him. He told me his mom’s been nagging him about having a girlfriend, so he wants to say I’m dating him.
We’re both lying to our families but the only person besides us who knew the truth is Rachel, cause I don’t want things being weird. So, I took Rogan with me for Christmas while Penelope went to her mother’s out in California. Rogan has full-custody of her and his ex gets her for Christmas and for 6 weeks during the summer.
But my feelings for Rogan started to change the moment Jack called me his mistle’hoe’ and Rogan punched him. Rogan shook his hand in Jack’s face and told him it was wrong to disrespect me and he wouldn’t let anyone disrespect his woman. He grabbed my hand and verbally said how important I am to him and his daughter. I thought it was all just for show, but later that night he made me realize it wasn’t.
He was telling everyone the truth, and now our lie is turning into the truth.

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