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My Bar (CR)


Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: best friend’s sister, one-night stand, protector,

Concept Description


☆ Booker ☆
She walked in my damn bar and I knew I was done for. She no longer looked like Stinger’s baby sister. No, Ally was all grown up and had tons to show for it. Then again, those tight ass jeans and that long curly hair did a number on me.
I should’ve known better than to approach her that night, but I was two sheets to the wind. I didn’t give a fuck about anything, and there was so much going on with the club. I needed some sort of stress relief, but my stress relief became Ally, and what the fuck was I gonna do when Stinger found out?
☆ Ally ☆
I promised my brother I’d never be with one of his friends, but Booker came up to me with glassy eyes, a charming attitude, and I knew he’d give anyone hell to pay who looked at me wrong. I wanted that. I wanted a man who would annihilate anyone who dared to look at me the wrong way. After the hell I’d already been through, I needed it.
Booker would destroy anyone in my path, and I needed a protector in my life. If my brother couldn’t understand that, well, it was on him.

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