Releasing the Lust Demons TRILOGY

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Releasing the Lust Demons TRILOGY


Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: Angels and Demons, Witches and Warlocks, Reverse Harem

Concept Description



☆ Feriae ☆
I’ve never been a great witch. It’s not that I don’t have the skill, I just don’t have the discipline. I want the quick fixes and the instant gratification. All of the spells that were passed down in my family took days if not months to come to fruition. For the most part when I want to cast a spell I go to the one local occult specialist in town, Meren. He’s old and ornery but his goods are usually good. I can just pick up an enhancement potion or a set it and forget it spell. It’s always worked for me before.
Today when I went to visit Meren, I asked him for an incantation to help me with one of my more embarrassing problems. I’m horny. All the time. It’s not unheard of for witches to have a higher than normal sex drive. We’re connected to each other and are usually very empathetic. The issue is I don’t have anyone that I would be comfortable helping me out with this situation. I don’t remember the last time I was in a relationship and the last male suitor that darkened my doorstep was someone my grandmother sent over from her nursing home.
Just like everything else in my life I just don’t have time to go out and look for someone to scratch this itch. So the obvious solution is a spell to make my desire go away. I quickly run through the incantation and make sure to burn the right herbs and simmer the right potions. Everything should have gone right except it didn’t.
Everything went completely wrong in three different ways.
That night I wake up to see three demons at the edge of my bed, the lot of them bare chested and staring at me like I’m something to eat.
Darmen, Xiox, and Tullen are lust demons from the second circle of hell. They’re lust demons. They’re only job is to make me feel pleasure, as often as possible.
I do everything I can to vanquish them back where they came from but now that they’re on this plane it’s too late.
Darmen is a tall demon with long silver hair, green and gold eyes and a forked tongue. Xiox is a muscular demon with no body hair minus the eyebrows, his voice sounds like silk and instantly makes me want him even more. Tullen is the most dangerous of them all. He’s built exactly how I like my men. Tan, tall and rugged. It’s like someone plucked him straight out of a lumberyard and put him in my bedroom. Either way, no matter what they tell me I know I can’t lie with them.
If I do, every time we had sex I’d lose a small piece of my soul until I was down in hell with them. Sure I wanted the release but it isn’t worth that. Once I figure out that I’m not going to be able to send them back where they belong I work on finding a way to get them out of my space at least. Every effort that I make to get away from them ends with them going for eachothers throats. Seems they are as affected by me as I’m affected by them.
The nights become tortuous as they grope and paw at me, whispering my every desire I’ve ever had in my ear. I don’t give in even when I see Darmen stroking himself in my floral armchair. I don’t give in when Xiox lays behind me and rubs his strong fingers along my slit until I’m right at the edge. The last straw is when Tullen pulls me onto his lap and slowly strips me naked in front of a mirror telling me each and every part of my body that he wants to have for himself. I give in on that night and the pure pleasure that I feel from the three of them surpasses anything that any human male would have been able to give me.
I’m willing to keep the three of them for myself but now the problem has become me losing my soul every time I take one of them inside of me.
I’ve always been the one to want instant gratification but if it means I’ll be able to keep these three men I’ll work on doing things slowly. Through the day I work diligently to find a spell that will release them from their bonds in hell. In the night I slowly sacrifice small bits of my soul for the pleasure that they can give me. After weeks of getting nowhere, I stumble upon one spell that I know I shouldn’t try to complete. It’s detailed and time consuming. Both things I’m not very good at. It’s supposed to allow my boys to make this ethereal plane their home. In my rush I botch the spell and end up sending myself to the second ring of hell along with them. Now my home is full of monsters and demons that not only want to kill me they want to take my body as well.
☆ Feriae ☆
After yet another spell gone wrong I wind up on the second level of hell. A trespasser in a place where monster and hell demons are only focused on carnal pleasure. Using the spells and gifts that I know, I’m able to get out of immediate danger just in time. My demon lovers are right behind me protecting me every step of the way. Once I’m out of the open the three of them find a safe place for the four of us to stay. The pictures everyone shows us in the movies and tv shows of what hell looks like is wrong. There’s no fire, there’s no devil sitting on a high throne. Instead it’s darkness and danger at every turn. A maze of different ways for someone to die painfully over and over again.
As soon as we get settled in our new home, the dynamic between my three demon lovers begins to shift. Instead of it being even between the three of them, Darmen is coming up as the leader of our small trope. He’s been in hell the longest and is better capable of taking care of me until I find a way to get back to the living world. Tullen and Xiox go along with it for the most part only because they want to keep me safe and happy but I can see our bond starting to fray at the stitches.
I do my best to get Darmen back under control but the more dominant he gets the more possessive and the wilder our lovemaking becomes. Tullen and Xiox try to warn me that it’s not unheard of for an entity to try and take over another demon down here and they feel someone way more powerful than Darmen is pulling the strings. Trying to make sure I’m not successful at making my way back to earth. I don’t want to believe them but when I start to notice my spells becoming less effective and Darmen suggesting more and more that we wait before I try to get back home I fear that Tullen and Xiox may be right.
Secretly and with the help of Xiox, I gather items that I can find not only to try and get me home but also to find out if Darmen is indeed possessed by something else. Xiox has become something like a personal bodyguard, barely letting me go to the bathroom without standing watch. Tullen reminds me of how good life on my plane is and why I shouldn’t give up, he keeps me strong. Darmen even though he’s more intense than ever shows me a loyalty so fierce I’m sure he’d extinguish the metaphorical fires of hell for me if he could. I started out on this journey to find a way to get rid of the desires that I have only to be brought face to face with not one but three beings that take up room in my heart. There’s a chance that If I do find a way to get back home I’m going to have to leave my boys here and I’m not sure that I can.
Finally after managing to stay safe from the rest of the demons here, Tullen and I get everything I need in order to figure out if Darmen is who he says he is. When our leader figures out that I’m trying to put a spell on him he becomes irate and comes after me. Only Tullen and Xiox are there to protect me but Darmen is stronger than we all thought. I’m meticulous and take my time to make sure I don’t harm Darmen. Our worst fears are confirmed when a separate entity comes forth. Darmen is so distraught simply because he didn’t know that he was compromised in this way he offers to sacrifice himself to keep me safe. I don’t know who this new demon is but it’s obvious that he’s stronger than the four of us combined, still I’d rather go through this torture before I leave these three men here to die.
For once my spell does what I need it to do and we figure out who the separate demon is, it seems Cain, the son of Satan has come to play.
☆ Feriae ☆
You would think someone like Cain would have better things to do than mess with me and my boys. Cain is by far one of the most obnoxious people, demon or otherwise, that I’ve ever met in my life. He constantly tries to pull my affections away from the three demons I actually do care for with promises of making my wildest dreams come true. The one dream that I do want is to go home, taking Darmen, Tullen and Xiox with me. And it’s the only thing Cain refuses to give me.
I deal with his advances until I figure out that Cain is nothing more than a man. Sure he’s a powerful, infamous, demon of a man that could probably kill me with the snap of his fingers but a man nonetheless. And not a very smart one at that. During one of his many attempts to get me to be his woman I manage to get him to agree to a bet of sorts. If my three could win in a battle against Cain’s strongest he’d let us go. One from each of the nine levels of hell. If they lost I’d stay down here in hell for all eternity just to be Cain’s plaything. Of course, Cain’s hubris is unmatched by anyone else so he accepts right away.
Darmen, Tullen, Xiox all are ready to give up their lives for me but I have something more under my sleeve. Cain agreed that he wouldn’t interfere and I agreed that I wouldn’t fight. I never promised I wouldn’t help my boys. I’ve spent all my life just trying to get by but now if I want to beat the son of Satan I’m going to have to dredge up every ounce of skill I have and do this right.
Cain is furious when he figures out that I’ve tricked him. Instead of wanting to keep me by his side now he promises to keep me under his foot. I’m to be a slave and nothing more if he wins. I figured things would go bad. I just didn’t realize that it would go bad so quickly. The matches are set up one a day. My spells become weaker as we get further along into the nine days. Yet I’m invigorated every night when Darmen, Tullen, and Xiox lay me down and please me until my body is completely relaxed and sated. Each of them excels in specific areas when it comes to my body. Darmen is the best at oral, his forked tongue and attention to detail bring me to orgasms that have my body nearly levitating off the bed. Xiox holds me close and rocks my body with deep hard thrusts leaving me completely helpless as he fills me up so perfectly. Tullen and his calming words relax my body and allow him to take me anally with ease, stretching me just to the point of pain but making sure to bring me back to ecstasy. The three of them make every night utterly mind blowing.
On the last of the nine days, Darmen, Tullen and Xiox are to face the most difficult of all the demons down here in hell. If they beat them we’ll be free. I don’t know why I thought it would be just another fight to win my freedom or why I thought I could trust Cain to keep his word. Cain is the strongest warrior of the final circle of hell and with him knowing exactly what I’m capable of, I’m going to be little to no help to my boys. They must defeat the Son of Satan on their own if we are to live together on earth in bliss but if they fail not only will I lose them but I’ll lose my freedom as well.

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