Roman and Julio (M/M)

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Roman and Julio (M/M)


Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: M/M, Taboo, Bully romance, forbidden romance, fairytale retelling

Concept Description


☆ Roman ☆
As the president of Mu Nu fraternity, it’s up to Roman to make sure that everything is in order.
As long as his fraternity brothers don’t realize he’s still reeling from a break up of his first real relationship with a man.
To deal with his broken heart, he declares war on a rival fraternity house, The Kappa’s, who are throwing a party the same night as them.
He meets their president, Julio, and even though they’re throwing heated words at each other, that doesn’t stop them from tangling in the sheets. Something they can’t let either of their rival fraternity houses know.
☆ Julio ☆
Julio has been out to his fraternity brothers forever and his on again off again boyfriend, Paris.
But he can’t help falling for Roman.
Even if when they’re in public he treats him like utter sh*t. But they still find their clandestine meetings to be the hottest thing he’s ever experienced.
Can two rival fraternities work together or will both their houses end in tragedy once the college starts investigating both their houses for hazing and campus parties?

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