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Serious People (Dark

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Serious People (Dark


Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: Friends to Lovers, Hidden Identity

Concept Description



☆ Moncrief ☆
Being a modern day lord of the manor didn’t mean as much as it used to. So, to the public I presented a mask of a complete fop. I dallied, caroused and made a spectacle of myself. To disappear, all I needed was a plain suit, with average luggage, and to travel in the most ordinary fashion.
Without the trappings of privilege adorning me, no one paid any attention. I could then be free to explore the world as I really want to. I was a twisted and dark thing who wanted someone who would willingly take whatever I wanted to give them. I knew that I would have to maintain this double life for the rest of my days because there was no chance I could find someone who would share it in all ways.
Then I found her. She was disguised as I was, but I knew her. We had been friends since childhood. I was shocked to find her here in this club of all places, but there she was. Little Cecily wasn’t so little anymore. So now I knew her secret, and I would use it. There was a party coming up that she would be attending. It was going to be a lot more fun than I originally thought since I had found out this double life she was hiding. I was going to bend her to my will, making her mine.
I dealt in secrets, but this one would allow me full reign of her body and all the dark and delicious things I wanted to do to it.
☆ Cecily ☆
Being one of the upper class was so boring. Even in the modern age, I couldn’t be as scandalous as I wanted to be. As I was growing up, I had made some discoveries about myself, and I knew that there were only certain places I could go to explore them. So I disguised myself and went there – the scandalous clubs that catered to dark deeds and even darker nights.
Imagine my shock when I saw my childhood friend there too. I knew he had recognized me. He never approached me, but I knew it was him. Even when he didn’t look like himself, he couldn’t hide from me. I had finally found someone with whom I might be able to explore some of these secrets that I kept in my soul.
I knew just when I would try to get him. There was a party coming up and it seemed as if this was going to be a lot more fun than I anticipated.

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