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Suburbia Supernatural Quintet


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Suburbia Supernatural 5 BK SERIES (PNR)

Length: Novel or Novella

Tropes: Small Town, Dark Magic, On the Rocks

Suburbia Supernatural by Vivian Murdoch

Book 1: Pack of lies

☆ Brandi ☆

It was so hard to keep up the facade some days.  On the surface, we had everything.  Great house, great jobs, our kids were amazing – if a little numerous.  But it was all on the surface.  We were in a rut.

Then all hell broke loose on our street.  The loudest, craziest family moved in across from us.  Then I found out they were werewolves as well.  I couldn’t stand them.   I kept it together until I overheard the wife make a wisecrack about my peanut butter bars.  It was the last straw.  I declared war.

No one can be as bitchy as a werewolf.  My husband put his foot down and dragged me away from the PTA breakfast.  He slammed me up against the wall of the gym and told me that we were going to be the bigger people.  It was the hottest I’d ever seen him.

The sex was amazing.  Now things were looking different. If I pushed the envelope in my feud with the neighbors I would get what I found I craved from my husband.  I knew that I was pushing my luck by pushing his buttons like this but it had been so long since things had felt like this between us.

☆ Kenneth ☆

I don’t know when we gotten into a rut.  Something had to give.  Then they moved in across the street.  I was envious at how things seemed to be so easy between them.  Then my loving, hardworking wife went off the rails against them.  I hadn’t seen her this fired up in a long time.

I found it arousing even as I tried to temper her hostility.  I finally put my foot down and dragged her out of a meeting to try to talk some sense into her.  I had never been this forceful with her.  I had also never smelled her this aroused before.

I took her right there behind the gym.  After that, I realized that not only was she trying to continue feuding with our neighbors, but that she was trying to push my buttons as well.  I knew I had to do something, but the exquisite high of being able to use my authority on my sexy little wolf was too much.

I decided that two could play at this game.  If she wanted to push my buttons I was going to see how far I could push her in response.

Book 2: Loony Lupines

Tropes: Alpha Hero, Shifters

☆ Candace ☆
Peace, love, and harmony. That was how we tried to run our family and our pack.  It was calm, tranquil and it had gotten boring.  If my husband and co-alpha only knew what kinds of dark things I had started craving.

If he ever found my stash of illicit books…  I didn’t know what would’ve happened.  Then we moved to a new neighborhood, and we met them.  The Morrisons across the street.  They wore their “traditionalness” like armor.  But it felt fake to me.  Then things shifted.

I don’t know what happened, but it was clear that we were dealing with a cold war on the block.   My mate and I realized that we would have to be a lot less harmonious to deal with these people.  It all changed the night we tried roleplay to try to get into the heads of our rivals.

Somehow, trying to be two different people unlocked something.  We weren’t chained into the roles we had developed.  We could be different.  I finally started to try to get what I had been wanting.  The only problem was for every taste of the dark I got, I wanted more.

☆ Mark ☆

So I knew things had gotten stale in our happy, peaceful marriage.  I had hoped the move would help shake things up, but I had not expected this.  First, the pack across the street gets their undies in a twist over something.  Now, I have a mate that is engaged with the most intense suburban cold war I’ve ever seen.

For me it’s been rough. With my hot temper, I’ve been walking around with the intense desire to just punch either of the alphas across the road or the smug vampires next door.  The tensions just kept building until the night that we tried roleplaying just to see if we could come up with a strategy to deal with our street rivals.

Somehow, playing like I was a different person let me lose some of the rage I felt in a different way.  I ended up ripping the clothes off of my surprised but very turned on wife.  Much later, I found out she wanted more of that and then some.

I didn’t know my wife had a hidden dark side to her desires.  I was shocked to find that I had one too.

Book 3: Stake night

Tropes: Vampires, On the Rocks

☆ Larissa ☆

It was hard being a super-fashionable vampiress in the heart of suburbia.  Everyday was an endless boring parade of nothing. Then another family of “puppies” moved in next door.  Oh the possibilities that opened up for me.  It was simplicity itself to get a little feud started between them.

And with a little nudge here and there to stir the pot, well, all I had to do was sit back, sip my bloody mary and watch.  Then my dear hubby found out what I had done.  In all the years we had been together I had never seen him angry at me.

He took me to task, and I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to talk my way out of trouble this time.  I fell back on the tried and true method of seduction, but this backfired spectacularly.  Before I knew it, I was tied up naked to one of our bedposts and my husband was taking his wickedly thick belt to my ass.  Lecturing me as he did.

It was humiliating. It was painful.  Dear gods of the night it was hot.  When he took me from behind I screamed out my passion for the first time in decades.  He made it clear that my behavior showed him that he needed to take a firmer hand with me.  I wasn’t going to take this lying down or maybe I was.

This was almost like having a new mate after so long together.  I only hoped he didn’t find out about the bet I made with our Fae neighbors.

☆ Brendan ☆

Make no mistake, I loved my wife dearly.  She had a tendency to meddle though.  Things had been going quite smoothly for us for a while.  Then we got new neighbors.  A polite, if odd pair of werewolves.

Shortly afterwards I noticed that there seemed to be a bit of bad blood developing between the two furry families on our street.  Imagine my chagrin when I found out that my darling wife had been both the author and encourager of the increasingly vicious feud.  This would not do.  We lived here too, and all I wanted was some peace and quiet.

Not only was she being blatantly, toxically manipulative, but she had misled me about her involvement.  All because she had gotten bored.  I didn’t lose my temper, but I gave her a taste of my fury for the first time in our relationship.  She was not allowed to try to talk her way out of it.

Then the little minx tried to seduce me out of being irate with her.  Well, I showed her the consequences of that.  To my surprise, taking her in hand in this way was the most erotic thing I had experienced.  To my delight I found that it increased her enjoyment as well.  I would go on to make sure to show her a firmer hand in the future as well as a few other implements.

Book 4: Tricking Treats

Tropes: Fae, On the Rocks

☆ Illadany ☆

One thing that no one completely understood about summer fae, or at least my kind of fae, is that we loved making bargains and trades.  We would trade for anything that shined or sparkled or was sweet.  Dear goddess when the mortals invented pastry…  So when a rivalry between our werewolf neighbors blossomed, I saw a chance where an enterprising fae could make some bargains.

It all started innocently enough.  All beings liked one-upping their rivals.  One week one werewolf needed a little “help” with her flower arrangement.  Next week the other needed some “assistance” with her baking for the sale.  They would pay me in treats and trinkets – delightful concoctions and baubles that held just enough history and memory that they felt like a sip of wine on a summer day.

Things did escalate however.  The tasks grew more detailed, and I found myself needing to dip into our stores of money.  As a summer fae, money didn’t hold as much value.  It was mostly dead paper and metal. So to me, it was no big deal.

Then my winter fae husband got the bills.  I may have made a mistake.  He took me into the kitchen and laid out every bill on the counter and started adding them up for me. It was…more than I realized.  When he began to fuss at me over this I started firing back.

That was a mistake, and he let me know in no uncertain terms that I had overstepped.  When I tried arguing more, he grabbed a thick wooden cutting board and turned my delicate bottom deep red.  Then he put me up onto the counter and showed me that he was in fact the one in charge.

I’d be surprised if my screams of pleasure weren’t heard by the neighbors.  My punishments weren’t over.  He had twenty ridiculously large bills, and he promised me twenty unique punishments in payment for them.  I was not prepared for the ingenuity of my husband.

Who would have thought of using winter fae magic to keep an inserted metal butt plug cold? No one that’s who. I just hoped he never found out about the bet with my dear “friend” Larissa the vamp.

☆ Morgan ☆

Like most fae who were mated and married from two different courts, our marriage was mostly arranged.  Over the years, we had grown in affection, and I thought we had a good understanding of each other.  Then came the summer when the second wolf family moved in.

Suddenly, there was a feud between the wolves.  I suspected that the vampiress Larissa had something to do with the hostilities.  I naively believed that my darling wife was merely being helpful with our neighbors and staying properly neutral.  Then the bills started to come in.

The first two were surprising, but the next eighteen were shocking.  Apparently my little flower blossom had no idea of how money really worked.  When I confronted her, I didn’t plan on letting things escalate, but with every attempt she made to evade her responsibility, I grew more angered and more convinced that she needed to be taught a lesson.

When she finally directly insulted my job, I snapped a bit.   The sheer erotic pleasure of watching my wife’s curvaceous backside turn red while she squealed and kicked had me more aroused than I’d been in decades.  When I discovered that my wife was in a similar state, I threw proprietary to the winds and took her on the counter.

Then I explained that my wife was not through with her punishments.  I had planned on having her just work to pay the bills, but now I had a new set of inspirations to help her “pay” her debts.

Book 5: All Hallows Duel

Tropes: Fake Marriage

☆ Ralph ☆

Being an undercover agent for the department of agriculture didn’t seem like it would be exciting.  When you’re investigating things like demon possessions and curses it can get interesting.  Anything spooky came to our department. So when we started getting reports of “strange” readings and occurrences in a quaint suburb of Dallas, they sent me and my partner to investigate.  Because of where we were going we had to pose as newlyweds since a single person would have attracted too much attention.

Unfortunately, Agent Sammi, although a very good agent, was one of the most uptight, high-strung, people I had ever worked with.  It was alright when we first got there and started establishing ourselves.  Then we found out that there were a couple of werewolves living on this street.  Scratch that, two feuding werewolf couples, an arrogant pair of vamps, and what I was pretty sure was a pair of honest-to-god Fae.

All on one street.

I needed a drink.  Sammi needed…something.  When we got back to the house we were using after discovering the lady fae using pixies to deliver something to one set of werewolves, she started pacing and raving, getting louder all the time.  I had to pin her to the wall and cover her mouth to keep from blowing our cover.

That was when the tension that had been building between us broke.  I realized that she had no way of coping with what we were dealing with because, unlike me, she had never been a believer in the supernatural.  Her world was turning upside down.

I had to ground her somehow.  The only thing that seemed to work was when I had her restrained in some way.  Quickly things progressed from handcuffs in the bedroom to where she was wearing a complicated rope harness under her clothes that I had tied to her so she could stay calm.

She loved it but had trouble admitting it.  I didn’t mind.  I loved doing it. I realized that I was rapidly falling for my partner, and that I didn’t quite know what to do about it.   I only hoped that I could keep this going after we were done with this problem.

☆ Sammi ☆

No matter how I looked at it, my placement in this department was a punishment.  I couldn’t help that I had made an enemy of a petty bureaucrat. That didn’t mean I had to buy into the crap we were supposed to be investigating. The way I saw it, this department needed a heavy dose of skepticism.

Then there was this assignment.  It started off almost fun.  Pretending to be newlywed with an intelligent, attractive agent like Ralph wasn’t that hard.  But then the incidents started.  Little things like two of the couples being out of town once a month that just happened to coincide with the full moon.  Thinking that I’d seen teeth and fingernails lengthen in relation to how angry the two feuding women seemed to be.  One of them literally growling.

Then the fact that the Goth couple next door never seemed to have a reflection in any mirror.  Then there were the pixies.  I was too rational to try to explain them away.  I’d never been good at lying to myself.  It felt like my world was falling apart.  I came close to blowing our cover.

It was so bad that Ralph had to clamp his big hand over my mouth.  That was when our professionalism went out the window.  After that, we found out that the only way for me to keep calm was if I had some form of restraint on me.  My favorite was the rope.  It felt both illictelly erotic and comforting at the same time.  Although after I had gotten a bit mouthy, Ralph got his revenge by making me wear a harness with a vibrator tied right over my most sensitive bundle of sexual nerves.

That was the night of the big fundraiser.  It seemed that a lot of things were coming to a head that evening. I only hoped Ralph would try this out when we didn’t suddenly have an invasion of goblins popping out of the punch bowls to deal with.

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