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Tender (CR)
Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: Cyrano, Ugly Duckling, Love Triangle

Concept Description


☆ Cyrus ☆
You never get to know who you would’ve been; you only get to know who you are. What I am is an ugly man who writes beautiful things. Guys would hire me to tweak and perfect they’re dating profiles to maximize their chances of landing a woman, and in some cases, landing another man. On very rare occasions, someone would hire me to help them woo one woman in particular.
This was no different than any other time before, except for the woman. When I first saw her, I was struck by her beauty, but, as I did my due diligence to better be able to fulfill my clients requests, I got to know her as someone of grace and intelligence. She did not deserve to be saddled with a jerk that hired me.
I had to walk a fine line. I was trying to secretly woo this woman for myself while not destroying my reputation. I might have been delusional. The accident that I had as a child made me one of the ugliest people I think I’d ever seen. So what could she see in me?
But, I’ve got to try. She’s worth it. If that wasn’t enough of a reason, the guy hiring me sure wasn’t worth it. Dealing with my client was nothing, all I had to do was make sure he revealed himself as the jerk he was. Wooing her would be something else entirely. I would have to convince her to look past my face to the man underneath.
☆ Roxie ☆
Why was it that every guy I knew always seemed to be wanting the exact same thing? And by the exact same thing, it was that one thing. I finally tried the last in a long series of dating apps, and if this one didn’t work, I would give up.
However, not only did I get a match, but the guy seemed absolutely perfect. He was good looking, and the things he said to me over the chat were amazing. He was absolutely the most perfect guy.
As I started to make plans to meet him, I ended up meeting someone else. This guy was not perfect. He was grumpy and had a wicked-looking scar on his face. However, he was the most intelligent man I think I’d ever had a conversation with.
Now, I’m torn between Mr. Dating App and Mr. Scar, and dating app man seemed to have issues of his own. I wanted to get to know them both, but no matter how I tried, something seemed to happen.
Every time I got close to Cyrus, aka Mr. Scar., he turned my head in a way I would not have expected. But now Michael, aka Mr. Dating App, was making a play for me as well.
I knew I would have to choose between them, but I didn’t know if I would be able to last being stretched by the exquisite tension between the two of them.

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