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The Guy Next Door

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The Guy Next Door


Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: Bad Boy, Alpha Hero, Protector/Security

Concept Description


☆ character ☆

Hayden Sanford
My life was going amazing and I thought for sure I was on my way to getting that diamond ring Zack was always talking about. My father wanted me to come work for him, but I told him I wanted to forge my own path in the world of business. I majored in marketing and graduated last year. I landed a job at the company I interned with and started as a marketing assistant.
I didn’t mind all the hard work and hours I had to put in, because I wanted to show the company I didn’t expect to be handed anything just because I was Willard Sandford’s daughter. My dad was rich, billionaire status, because he knew how to make money with investments. Other people wanted him to make them money too, so he did.
That’s how I met Zach. His father’s an investor in my dad’s company. We met at a party and hit it off. We’ve been dating for a couple years and since we are both finished with college and doing what we wanted . . . Well, Zack was doing exactly that.
I came home early, because I’d put in a lot of hours, and I thought I would surprise Zack with a cute little black negligee and a bottle of wine . . . Only to find Zack in bed with his father’s golf partner’s daughter, Lanie. I lost my shit, punched Lanie, and kicked Zack in the crotch. Then I called my dad and told him everything.
Within an hour, my father and a few of his men were there, and the movers were on their way to pack my belongings. Dad took me home and I stayed there for a few days until he found me a condo that I could afford on my own and moved me in.
Zach gutted me, but day by day, life was getting back on track.
I noticed there was a quiet guy who lived next door, but he hardly seemed to notice me, but I couldn’t help but to notice him—he’s gorgeous. Maybe I’m not his type. I’ve seen him come home, but I’ve never seen him leaving his apartment. I would just like to say hello to him, but I pretty much give up all hope of striking up a conversation with him. I
settled in for a long night of reading and wine until someone began pounding on my front door.
I open it when I see it’s Zach. He’s drunk and wants me back, whether I want him or not. I asked him to leave and he tried to push himself inside of my place. I started yelling at him to leave and he attempted to grab me but then he pulled back through the door.
There’s an unfamiliar voice I heard telling him to stay away from me and never come back. Zack says something. I hear the sound of breaking bones. Zach yelled out, cursing and screaming at the man. Then I heard a car door open and close and the car drove away. I opened the door enough to look out and the hot neighbor looked at me. He asked if I was okay and I told him I was. He introduced himself as Avery and I invited him in. He declined and said he would see me around.
There was something about Avery that pulled me toward him. Maybe it was because I hadn’t been with a man for a while and he could be the one that could pull me from my drought. I went over to his place and asked him if wanted to come over for dinner. He hesitated then accepted.
Dinner was amazing but then he had to leave, telling me that work had an emergency. I said good night, but I didn’t see him leave his place. I wondered if he worked from home? Maybe. So, we would try dinner again. And it went amazing, but it didn’t progress past dinner. He was giving me all kinds of signs that he wanted more and I was too. I wanted a whole lot more, but maybe he was taking it slow, really slow.
Then it happened. He kissed me. A passionate kiss that I thought forsure was going to lead to us ending up in my bed, but then his phone began to ring and he left me once more. I was so let down, so I finished the bottle of wine and took care of myself, screaming out his name as I let go.
The following day, my driver drops me off at the office but I want to get a coffee before I head into the office. I felt like someone was watching me and I hurried into the cafe. I looked around and no one followed me inside. I breathed a sigh of relief and ordered my coffee and headed to the office.
Zach stepped in front of me, grabbing my arm, causing me to drop my coffee. He told me that he wasn’t taking no for an answer, I was going back to his place and I was going to do whatever he wanted me to do.
I screamed, but he covered my mouth with his hand, and pulled me toward a car parked next to the curb. The door opened, and he tried to push me in, but I was knocked to the sidewalk instead.
The familiar voice asked me if I was okay, as he picked me up from the sidewalk. A few guys I recognized as my father’s men, took care of Zach and threw him in his car, and told his driver to take him to his father. They checked on me and I told them I was fine
Avery . . . he worked for my father? All this time he knew who I was and couldn’t even give me the time of day. So he was stalking me and watching me . . . I hated that he kept the truth from me . . . everything was one big lie and I didn’t ever want to see him again.
Avery Weir
I’d been working for Sanford Investments for a few years, working my way up as a part of Willard Sanford’s personal security team. Mr. Sanford made sure his family and higher ups were protected at all times. His daughter, Hayden, didn’t have a team assigned to her as she lived with her boyfriend Zack Hilt, and Hilt’s father was a major investor in Sanford’s company, and had his security on them.
But something changed. I was pulled into Sanford’s office for an emergency meeting. He was moving his daughter to a condo on the other side of town because Zack had been cheating on Hayden with a friend of the family’s daughter. Sanford ordered me to keep tabs on her then move into the condo next to her a few weeks later. I hadn’t met her in person because she has been with Zach since I started this position, so I was one of the few who could move in and have her not realize that her father was watching her.
I began watching her from afar. She’s beautiful but I could see the sadness in her face. If I ever see Zack Hilt, I’d punch him in the face for doing what he did to her. Hayden doesn’t do much besides work; she goes to the gym and the grocery store a few times a week, and she has dinner twice a week with her friend, whom I’ve identified as Samantah James.
This gig was pretty easy. I got a posh condo for free but I had to be ready 24/7 to protect Hayden at all costs.
Then it happened. Zach thought that he could come over and demand Hayden get back with him. As soon as he tried to grab her, I saw red and ripped him away from her. He got smart with me and I broke his nose.
Seeing her scared gutted me. It was my job to keep her safe and I almost blew it. When she asked me in, I wanted to take her in my arms and say yes, but I can’t allow myself to get close to her. I declined and went back to my place.
But now she knew my name and she would come over unexpectedly, and I couldn’t say no. I had to come up with an excuse to leave early and I did.
The conversation between us flowed naturally, and the way her dress inched up her tan thigh made me hard, thinking about what was hidden behind the silky material. I had a raging hardon and I had to get out of there.
But the dinners continued and a connection between us continued to build and I lusted after my boss’s daughter. I knew I couldn’t go there, but I did. I kissed her, I caressed her body and pulled her into me so she would feel how she made me feel . . . then my boss called me.
They had intel on Zach that I needed to be aware of, so I left her there, wanting more. While in my briefing, I heard her screaming my name through the walls, and I closed my eyes wishing I was the one causing her to scream my name.
The night Zach came to her place, another team had been watching Zach, and they noticed his behavior was becoming erratic. I made sure to follow Hayden to work the following day because something was off. The other team reported that Zach was in the same area as Hayden’s work and we prepared for an attempted abduction.
It felt like everything happened in slow motion and I knew by reacting my cover was going to be blown. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but I was hoping after I had filled the raging desire I had for her.
Once Hayden put it together that I worked for her father, anger filled her eyes and she closed herself off from me. It’s probably better off this way.

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