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The Lockdown

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The Lockdown


Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Forced Proximity, Bully

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☆ Jessica ☆
All I wanted was to be the top of my field. I worked hard all my life to get to this point. I graduated high school early; I doubled in both behavioral sciences and sociology. From there, I aced the MCATs and got accepted into medical school. Now, I stand as the youngest infectious disease specialist, but that’s still not enough. There’s always some man that takes one look at my chest and decides to deduct several IQ points from me.
Enough was enough.
When I got paired with Travis to take on a particularly nasty strain of whooping cough that threatened to spread across the country, I was enraged to find that he made me his assistant instead of actually letting me work with him. Furious didn’t even cover the emotions I felt. Day after day, I was forced to fetch him coffee, lab results, whatever he wanted from me.
I should have been helping him isolate what was happening and thinking of ways to reverse it. But no. He kept insisting that my work was faulty and that I had no business being with him around the sick people. He was wrong. Dead wrong, and I was going to make it my mission to prove it.
But after a vial of the cultured disease broke in our lab, we were forced to go to a safe house and monitor our symptoms. We were forced to play doctor on each other and report progress. It was humiliating having him listen to my breathing or study my urine samples.
However, something shifted. I didn’t know if it was the fact that being locked inside this sterile safehouse was making me crazy or that he had finally started to act like a human being, but his hands on me no longer felt clinical. There was a heat behind his words, a hunger.
We both longed for human touch, and at that moment, we were the only ones that could satisfy those urges. We continued to monitor ourselves, but now, the exams were more intimate in nature. He studied my reflexes, my reactions to stimulation. It was as if I was his own personal sex toy to dissect.
His dominance was something I never knew I wanted, but I craved his firm touch, allowing him to take the pressure away from me for just these few weeks. It was nice to lean on him and allow someone else to be in charge for once. But what will happen after we’re let out of quarantine? Will we go back to the way things were, or will we forge a new path and continue this sexual exploration between ourselves?
☆ Travis ☆
Jessica was an idiot. I didn’t care how many degrees she had or how fast she got them, she was taking unnecessary risks with both her health and this facility. I tried to correct her gently, but she wouldn’t have it. So, I ended up bullying her, forcing her away from the infected patients until she got a bit more experience under her belt.
But it backfired. She was so determined to make a name for herself, that she defied my orders and worked in secret. I caught her in the lab, messing around. I must have startled her, because the next thing I knew, a vial of the whooping cough we’d been studying broke, forcing us to go into lockdown.
I was furious, pissed beyond all reason. She hadn’t been on a lockdown before, so she didn’t know how isolating it could be. Until we were past the contagious stage, we’d be locked in together with no access to the outside. Three weeks. Three freaking weeks I’d be stuck with her.
What was worse was that we had to monitor each other, which meant I had to touch her. I had to keep my touch professional when all I wanted to do was throttle her. Anger morphed into lust, which morphed into passion. When she allowed me to play my medical games on her, it just fanned those flames even more.
The fact that I was in control of someone so smart, so beautiful, it was heady. Since we were now intimate with each other, it let me work out some of the aggression I had against her, leaving me depleted and sated. The weeks flew by much faster than I anticipated, and now I’m forced to face the fact that she’ll no longer be under my control.
Would she still allow me to take charge of her in and out of the bedroom? She would always be an equal to me in the medical field, but everywhere else, I wanted to possess her. I wanted to own her. To make her mine, and to make her beg.

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