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Unlucky in Love

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Unlucky in Love


Length: Novel
Tropes: Blind Date, Best Friend’s Sibling, Road Trip

Concept Description


☆ Clementine ☆

I have never been lucky in love.
If there’s a natural born loser, user, or abuser, you can bet I’ve met and fell for him.
It never ends well, obviously, so when my best friend, Stella, offers to set me up on a blind date before her wedding, I’m very reluctant.
She’s my best friend for a reason though, and I trust her with my life, so I begrudgingly agree, even though I’m certain it’ll be another disaster to write about in my diary.
When I walk into the restaurant and see Stella’s brother, Isaac, I’m sure it’s a coincidence. I don’t know him very well, since Stella and I met in college and I’ve only met him a few times, but why wouldn’t she just say that’s who she wanted to set me up with?
Halfway through the meal, I understand the secrecy.
Isaac is rough around the edges, very quick to share his opinion, and seems to think he’s a bigger Marvel fan than me because he grew up reading the comics and I didn’t. As if.
There’s a physical attraction, and I do enjoy debating with him over who is better, Captain America or Thor. Thor Obvs. But there’s no way I could ever seriously consider dating him. And I can tell he agrees.
We’re completely wrong for each other and I’d hate to give it a go and have it not work out. That would make things awkward between me and Stella.
Over the course of conversation we realize we were both planning to drive from Tucson to Lake Tahoe for Stella’s wedding, and we decide it would be smart to take the trip together.
We’re both part of the festivities, with me being the Maid of Honor and Isaac being a Groomsman. So we both need to be there a couple days early for the rehearsal and all the other fun wedding prep stuff.
The drive isn’t super long, so it shouldn’t be too awkward. I could always put on an audiobook and then we wouldn’t have to talk.
What could go wrong?

☆ Isaac ☆

I asked Stella to set me up with Clementine because I thought she was sexy, smart and amazing. Too bad every time I opened my mouth I said the wrong thing and screwed things up.
I could tell the date was going downhill fast and thought that maybe if I had more time to become comfortable around her, I’d stop acting like an ass and be able to be genuine with her. Then maybe she’d see that our chemistry was off the hook and we had more in common than she thought.
When I suggested we road trip together to my sister’s wedding, my intentions were pure.
I never imagined we’d have car trouble and end up spending the night in Vegas. Or that we’d decide to blow off some steam by hitting the bar and then the club. Or that we’d move so well together.
One thing leads to another, and what often happens in Vegas… happens. Repeatedly. And* boy*, is it fantastic.
Now we’ve got to get the car fixed, drive the rest of the way to Tahoe and try not to rip each other’s clothes off along the way.
Then there’s the lead up to the wedding and the wedding itself. It’s my sister’s big day, but all I can think about is how much I’m looking forward to nights sneaking into Clem’s room and the trip home.
Maybe we can make another pit stop in Vegas!

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