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In His Service (Dark CR)



In His Service (Dark CR)

Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: Virgin, Protector Security, Woman in Peril

Concept Description

In His Service  by Rae B. Lake


☆ Levi ☆

The darkness engulfs me like an old friend. I am comfortable here, in the shadows. I am at home in the night.

I was born to kill.

It’s all I’ve ever known. As a Marine, I was trained to be the best of the best. To kill without mercy, without hesitation.

And then I met her.

She was the daughter of my boss, a ruthless crime lord. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I was doomed.

I tried to stay away, but I couldn’t. I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

And then I found out she was in trouble. Her father was going to kill her.

I couldn’t let that happen. I had to save her.

So I did the only thing I could do.

I killed her father.

And then I took her away.

We’ve been on the run ever since. But I would do anything to keep her safe.

Even if it means sacrificing my own life.

☆ Maria ☆

I’m afraid of the world outside. My father has kept me hidden and alone for so much of my life that just thinking about going out on my own is panic inducing.

I always believed my father loved me, that he cherished me like any father would their little girl.

It was all a lie. My father wanted to use me as a pawn in his game of conquests. When a deal doesn’t go as planned he let’s me know that he has no more use for me and I see exactly what kind of person my father is made of.

I have no one here to help me. No one that cares… except Levi.

I see how he looks at me.

How his eyes scorch my skin with his gaze. He’s a bad man.

Yet, my body reacts to him in ways I don’t fully understand.

I feel so empty, needy and deep down I know Levi is the only one that will be able to help me.

After I found out my fathers planned to have me killed I never expected Levi to be the one to make the first move.

He got rid of the threat that was my father and took me under his care.

Living on the run isn’t something I’m used to but Levi is teaching me quite a few new things. How to shoot, how to survive, how to take his hard shaft deep inside of my cunt… things that would have made me blush weeks ago.

The man controls my body in ways that make me tingle and I know he’ll keep me safe. Even if I have to give up everything I know, I’m not going to give him up.

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