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Finding Myself Trilogy

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Scottish Royal Book TRILOGY

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Scottish Royal Book TRILOGY


Scottish Royal Book TRILOGY (CR)
Length: Novel or Novella
Tropes: On the road, bad boy, alpha, royalty, Scotland

Concept Description


Book 1
Tropes: Fish out of water, on the road, family secrets, royalty, bad boy
☆ Bretta ☆
I thought my big break in film making was around the corner. It turned out instead of getting that big movie franchise, I was being sent to the Scottish countryside to film a documentary on the MaCallen clan.
It wouldn’t be such a bad trip if this royal family didn’t happen to be a royal pain. Especially the oldest brother, Finn MaCallen
Since I’m stuck working with him in the family, it just pushes me further to make this documentary award-worthy. So when an accidental discovery reveals more about the royal family’s past, I know I have the makings for great filming.
☆ Finn ☆
Bretta Harrison is a royal pain in the arse and she isn’t even part of the royal family.
But I have to play nice with the young film maker. It would be a lot bloody easier if she didn’t keep smiling at me like she has a secret.
But she does.
One that could destroy the family.
So now I really have to watch my step with her.
And hope the family’s secret stays that way.
Book 2
Tropes: Matchmaker, family secrets, royalty, bad boy, fake dating
☆ Noah ☆
With my oldest brother married, the pressure is on for me.
Especially since he married on a non-royal, soo it’s on me if we want to keep the royal blood line.
Which is why my family thinks it’s a great idea to hire a matchmaker and the old, blind lady seems to think her perfect match is Duchess Isla Stewart. Aka the Duchess of the science lab.
☆ Isla ☆
I’ve always hid under the radar when it comes to royalty, preferring the botany lab or the royal garden over the throne. But when my ailing mother asks me to go to a small Scottish town to meet with an old family friend, I digress. Of course I didn’t know the family friend was going to be a matchmaker and that she was going to try and set me up with Finn MaCallen, a Laird of the MaCallen and the last of his royal line.
Neither one of us wants the other, so we agree to help each other out to find a new match to make our parents happy. Too bad there aren’t a lot of royals left in the Scottish countryside and if we want to keep this royal line, we have to get married.
Just hopefully not to eachother.
Book 3
Tropes: Royalty, ugly duckling, sports romance, fake dating, gone viral
☆ Blair ☆
My brothers seem to think I’m the goody two shoes of the family. Always following the rules.
Well how does kissing Scotland’s star hockey player, Knox MacBlayne, in a crowded pub look for Miss goody two shoes?
Pretty bad when my brothers inform me he’s from a rival Scottish clan and our kiss has just gone viral.
☆ Knox ☆
Blair MaCallen was the only girl to stand out in the crowded pub. Not just because she was dressed like a schoolmarm, but because she pulled me off my stool and kissed me so fiercely, I never wanted her to let go.
My publicist thinks auburn-haired beauty could be the solution to getting me some good press, but since she’s a MaCallen, the MacBlayne’s talk about her family as if we’re the Capulets and they’re the Montagues.
So where does that leave us?
For one hell of an adventure.

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